A Concerned Parent – Female child aged 10

My first experience was when I ran out of ideas when my youngest daughter was struggling with attention with her schoolwork. Having pursued many avenues, a family referred me to Body Stress Release (BSR) as a last resort. Not only did it help but the practitioner helped me understand my daughter better, and that nothing was wrong! She was a unique individual with a unique personality and that I had to expand my “world view” as a parent. Seeing the results as my daughter starting relaxing in her own body and me relaxing with her I became very intrigued.


Stressed-out Nurse – Female aged 56

I heard about BSR from a colleague. She put a BSR brochure on my desk and said: “That’s what I’m doing at the moment and it helps me a lot. Maybe it is something for you or for other colleagues. Read it!” At that time I was suffering from stress at work because I had a very busy job and was thinking about how to deal with this stress. I had a lot of emotional stress. After a few days I read the brochure and thought: “Whow! That is something for me! I have to try BSR because of my emotional stress! Maybe it can help me reducing my emotional stress”.

I went to a practitioner and after a few sessions the feeling of stress disappeared. It seemed to slip from my shoulders. It was amazing! The pain in my lower back, my shoulders and neck decreased. I also slept better. The releases gave my peace and quiet in my head, so I could see my personal situation better.


A Retired Body Builder – Male aged 40

So being a body builder for almost 20 years I had accumulated many injuries and before that I played rugby up to the age of 21. I’ve tried various modalities to attend to my injuries and had to take off numerous months of training.

When I started to attend BSR sessions, at first it was very nice and relaxing but slowly, surely I could feel my body whispering to me… little pains and discomfort that I have been ignoring all these years. Probably the one I have been ignoring the most was my neck. I, all the sudden remembered that I had two serious whiplashes as a teenager playing rugby. There was constant spasming and stiffness travelling into the skull as well as into my arms with numbness into my pinky finger and the finger next to it. After releasing the stress what has happened and what is happening, over a period of 3 – 4 weeks is that all the above symptoms disappeared.


Suffering childhood accidents – Female aged 40

Like everyone in childhood I made major falls, while playing, running, cycling and (roller) skating. I always fell on my buttocks and my coccyx was often brushed. Sitting on cushions at school was needed to deal with the pain. One of the falls caused a broken coccyx, but at the time was not noticed. At the age of 19 the pain in coccyx, lower back and pelvis got so bad, that further research and surgery was necessary. The pain eased up a little, but did not go away and every since I lived with it. Relief was found in osteopathy, etiopathy and Pilates, but pain was always there on the background and every now & then it fired up intensely. Stiffness and numbness in a broad area influenced my movements, posture and energy level.

When I read about Body Stress Release I was curious. In the beginning the sessions intensified the pain, a good sign said my practitioner. A sign that the body response to the releases. After two months the pain start to fade away and I got more flexible, my body felt light for the first time since childhood. Walking, sitting, getting out of bed, everything became easier. After a intense period of releases during the BSR course I had a great ‘unmasking’ around my coccyx, pelvis and lower back, which means that the locked-in stress after one last intense sensation of pain, the chronic pain, stiffness and numbness is completely gone. It really feels as a new body!


The straw that broke the camel’s back – Male aged 56

I literally bent down to pick up a leaf and suffered the most excruciating pain down my right buttock. I had been training for the Cape Argus Cycle race and also doing some cross training and Yoga classes. I had a feeling male pride had pushed me to be over stretching in class and now I could barely move or straighten my back. Days of pain coming and going finally took me to casualty in the middle of the night for pain killing injections and some tablet that took me to another place.

My training partner otherwise known as “She who must be obeyed” said I have had enough of this “so you think you can fix yourself idea – you are coming with me to Body Stress Release”. So dragged there I was the very next day. I was surprised the Practitioner seemed to know what I was feeling and also felt over the years of silent suffering with mild scoliosis and years bashing around my body in the service of others!

After the first session I felt like I had just done the Cape Argus, the release of energy being held within my body was so intense. I slept for many hours, a deep and satisfying sleep of exhaustion. There was something to this BSR, by session 3 my pains had gone and after more rehabilitation went onto a monthly maintenance scheme, took out the lift for my scoliosis and have never looked back. Thanks to BSR!